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Why did Shri Krishna eat peanuts for eighteen days in the war of Mahabharata?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Why did Shri Lord Krishna eat peanuts for 18 days in the war of Mahabharata?

The actual story began when the king of Udupi came to know about the battle and he came to kurukshetra with his troops. He met with Lord Krishna and said I came here to fight but my heart/mind was not allowing me to take part and I did not want to favour any side. Still, I have one proposal and I request you to accept my proposal and blessed me.

Here is the conversation that took place between lord Krishna and king of Udupi

Lord Krishna asked : what is your proposal??

King of Udupi said : I want to prepare foods for all the veer and mahaveer participating in the battle.

Lord Krishna accepted his proposal and allowed him for the arrangement of food.

King of Udupi started making foods and everyday when all the Yodha took their food, whatever he cooked, that food finished completely at the end of day. It means there was no wastage of food, and also it was available in plenty for everyone.

The war ended in 18 days and Pandava won the war. Everyone became surprised when they came to know about a proper food planning.

Post the possession of crown, one day Hastinapur Naresh maharaj Yudhishthira asked to the king of Udupi about the logic behind this.

The king of Udupi asked: Hey maharaj, could you please tell me to whom you would give credit to your win.

Maharaj Yudhishthir replied : Lord Krishna

Then king of Udupi replied: Lord Krishna is also responsible for my karma as well. Everyday he ate peanuts in the night and on the next day when we entered inside his tent, we collected all the lamella (peanuts chilka) and counted. We multiply the counted lamella with 1000 and we would come to know the number of deaths going to happen on that day and we prepared our foods accordingly.

As we know, Lord Krishna knew everything and he knew the result of Mahabharata as well. He was eating peanuts to help the Udupi Naresh in his food making.

This is the story which explain why did lord Krishna eat peanuts everyday.

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