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Should Parthiv Ganesh Poojan be performed on 18th or 19 SEPT this year? Scientifically

Should Parthiv Ganesh Poojan be performed on 18th or 19th SEPT this year?  Scientifically.


This year Shri Ganesha installation and pooja should be performed on Monday 18.09.2023.


 1) Chaturthi Tithi on this day starts from 12.40 PM Kali and lasts till 1.48 PM on 19th.  This means that Chaturthi touches the mid day and covers the rest of the mid day time on the 18th, so it is mid day.

 2) Udayate Tithi i.e. the Tithi which is at the time of sunrise, the same Tithi is considered to be the Tithi of the whole day. This rule is not applicable to Chaturthi especially of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha Chaturthi. It's more related to the moonrise at night.

 3) Moonrise on 18th and Moonset on 19th at 9.21 pm.  So moon darshan is prohibited on 18th itself as moon darshan is going to be visible in the sky throughout the night of  18th SEPT Chaturthi which covers the Moonrise and it's visibility through out the night

 4) Shraddha is performed at mid day in according to a Panchanga, if Chaturthi Shraddha is given on 18th, how can on 19th Chaturthi be considered at the middleof the day?

5) Since Sunday and Tuesday are more preferable for Ganesh Pujan, how appropriate is it to perform Ganesh Pujan on Tuesday even though it is not according to Shastra?

 6) Decision of Chaturthi Tithi according to Dharma Sindhu.

 Apart from Ganesh Vrat, it should be taken on Panchami Yukta while observing other fasts.  19th is Panchami Yukt Chaturthi and 18th is Tritiya Yukt Chaturthi.

 7) Sankashta Chaturthi should be taken when it there is Moonrise at night.  If there is a moonrise on the second day, take the second one.  If there is no moonrise on both the days, the previous day should be taken.  On both the 18th and 19th, there is moon in the sky , so the tritiyayukta should be taken.

 8) If the previous day is the main date of arrival then the previous day should be taken, 18th is the main date of arrival.

 9) If there is full coverage on both the days then decision should be made on pair sentence.  If there is lack of coverage on both the days, it should be taken as secondary coverage.  If there is partially same scope on both the days, take the previous date. Since 19th has secondary scope, take the previous 18th.

 10) For this Chaturthi Sunday and Tuesday is auspicious due to yoga.  But when is it?  Only when there is moonrise at that night after the evening.otherwise not.

 11) On the day of this Chaturthi moon sighting is accused of false accusation.  The moon that rises on Chaturthi will be seen on Panchami and there is no fault if it is the day of Vinayakavrata.  Moon darshan takes place only after Moonrise. Moonrise is on 18th so Moon darshan is at 18th night.  So moon darshan protest is at 18th night and not at 19th at all.


 Let Calendar, Panchang, Google say anything. This year Parthiv Ganesha Puja must be held on 18th. Late better than never.

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