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Ganeshotsav 2023 : This is the significance of Ganesha installation, says PANDITJIPUNE... ENGLISH

Ganeshotsav 2023 : This is the significance of Ganesha installation, says PANDITJIPUNE...

Ganeshotsav 2023 : This is the significance of Ganesha installation, says PANDITJIPUNE...

 Everyone is looking forward to the arrival of our beloved Ganapati Bappa, whose arrival we have been eagerly waiting for since a year.  Preparations are going on everywhere to welcome Bappa with great enthusiasm.  One or more questions have arisen in the minds of many people that when should Ganapati Bappa be installed and what is its timing.  This year's Ganesh installation day has acquired a special significance.  Let's know the answers to many questions like what is the special importance of this year's Ganesh Chaturthi, what is the time of establishment, what is the importance of establishment.  (Ganesh festival 2023 Ganpati sthapana muhurat date time significance in English)

Question - Why is Lord Ganesha established on Chaturthi only?

  Everyone knows that Bhadrapada Shuddha Chaturthi is the day to start Ganesh Vrat.  We have panchayat deity as the main deity.  It has Ganapati, Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti and Surya.  A specific tithi is fixed for each of these deities.  According to this Chaturthi falls for Ganesha so Chaturthi Tithi is auspicious for worshiping Ganesha.  On this Tithi, the worship and worship of Lord Ganesha with devotion will bear fruit, therefore Ganesha is established and worshiped on Chaturthi.

 Question - How to fast on Chaturthi in Bhadrapada?

 From Bhadrapada Shuddha Chaturthi to Bhadrapada Shuddha Chaturdashi i.e. 'Anant Chaturdashi', Ganesha festival is celebrated with enthusiasm everywhere.  Everyone should observe this fast according to their clan traditions.  Then some people have half a day, some have three, five, seven and ten days to install Parthiv Ganesha.  Accordingly and according to the clan tradition, its establishment, daily worship, aarti should be done with devotional devotions.

 Question - Is it necessary to see Muhurta while installing Ganesha?  When to install?

 He himself is a pure deity, so on Bhadrapada Shuddha Chaturthi, when worshiping Parthiv Ganesha from house to house, it should be done before midday, i.e. before half past noon.  According to panchang any date is considered from sunrise.

 Question - This year Ganesh installation day falls on Tuesday, does it have any special significance?

 yes  Ganesha is considered as the lord of wisdom.  Tuesday is a month dedicated to Lord Ganesha.  Worshiping Ganesha on Wednesday is believed to remove all the sorrows and troubles of the devotees.  This year, this yoga has coincided with Ganesh Chaturthi.  So this year Ganesh Chaturthi falls on Tuesday and it has gained special importance.

 Question - How true is the belief that the right trunk of Ganesha has a hard body?

 It is wrong to think that Ganesha of the right trunk is of a strict form and has to be worshiped in a strict manner, and as the Ganesha of the left trunk is gentle, everyone can worship him, so it is wrong to worship the Ganesha of the left trunk.  It is very important to worship Lord Ganesha with faith and devotion.

 Question - When a pregnant woman in the house should worship Parthiv Ganesha or not?

 This question arises in the mind of many people.  In many places, if a pregnant woman is in the house, Ganesha is not immersed that year.  It is simply wrong to do so.  One should install Ganesha on Bhadrapada Shuddha Chaturthi and immerse him on Anant Chaturdashi.

 Question - Should Ganesha be installed if there is a problem in the house?  

yes.  Because Parthiv Ganesha Pujan should be established according to our clan tradition.  For this we should worship the deity at the hands of other gotras but should not miss the day.

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