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On the day of Ashwin Amavasya, Abhyangasnan, Pradosh Kali lamp donation, Lakshmi puja etc. are suggested.  There is no doubt that the night is longer by more than a degree after sunrise and then again after sunset.  On this day, take bath, worship God etc. in the morning and perform Kaliparvan Shraddha in the afternoon.  During Pradosh period, lamp donation, meteor shower and Lakshmi puja should be done and then food should be taken.  On this Amavasya day, children, old people etc. should not eat food during the day.  There is a special promise of dinner at night.  If there is a problem only on the second day or two, then take the second day only.  If the fault is from the previous days, then Lakshmi puja should be done on the previous day itself and Abhyangasnan etc. should be done on the next day itself.  Even if both days are flawless, the same decision should be taken.  It is said in Purushartha Chintamani that if there is Pradosh Vyapati on the previous day and there is Amavasya for more than three prahars on the next day, then Lakshmi Pujanadik should be performed on the second day only.  According to this opinion, even if there is no scope of Pradoshkali on both the days, the scope of Amavasya on the second day is more than three and a half hours, hence it is believed that eclipse should be done on the second day only.  The festival of Diwali lasts for three days from Chaturdashi.  Among these days, the day on which Swatinakshatra Yoga occurs is more auspicious.  On the day of Amavasya itself, after midnight, the women of the city should take out Alakshmi from the courtyard of their house.  It should not be said that this Kamadeva's tiger had come because of the Shraddha of the previous day.  Because, it is translated so that all the dates of the entire date are obtained in the same order.  That sequence is not unusual.  Because, that Karmakalavaptishastra is more powerful than this sequential sentence.And if this sentence is said to be constitutive of order, then since the complete date is in order, the translator should be concerned about it, and because the clause is not fixed, it is said to be constitutive of the sentence, as the translator is the same, it is said that both the law and the translation are opposed together.  On the same day of the new moon, Alakshmi's exodus is said by Madanar in the future, "When the midnight has passed and sleep has half closed the eyes of the people, at that time the women of the cities should send out Alakshmi from their courtyards with great joy, playing soup and Dindim (Dandim).

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